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Folsom Talent 


Course descriptions

Talent Connection is Licensed and Bonded through the state of California with an

A+ rating with the BBB


Everyone is needed in commercials. This is where the road to fame begins. That means YOU! So, learn the ten basic steps to becoming America's next favorite spokesperson. Imagine getting residual checks every time you're seen eating at McDonald's! Our commercial class is loaded with scripts, tips, and most of all, fun!


Without a perfectly performed monologue, you won't be able to land an agent or be taken seriously by a casting director. This is a necessary tool for all actors to have available at the drop of a hat. This class will help you build two contrasting monologues that will bring out the best of your acting ability and grab the attention of casting directors. The class will focus on how to find those two perfect monologues, memorization techniques, scene development, and more!


Learn how to create scenes without using a script! Sound intimidating? Absolutely! But if you apply our 5 rules of improvisation, you'll gain the confidence in your ability you need to master it. The class will also develop skills in physical comedy and situational humor and teach you how to expend your audition beyond the written script. This class is great for anyone pursuing work in commercials and television sitcoms. Non-stop laughs and fun for everyone!


Build self-confidence and self-esteem by tapping into your innermost beauty. Learn the walks, poses, and turns necessary for the runway.Learn how to walk with posture, poise, and personal flare. You'll learn how to walk into a room and capture everyone's attention! This course is designed for beginning models looking to develop their skills.

Scene study

Our scene study workshops introduce students to working with two or three person scenes. Students will learn the basics of how to interact with others during a scene. This workshop will discuss movement, timing, and camera placement with respect to television and film.

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