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Talent Connection is a model and talent development company that specializes in marketing our clients to top agencies and casting directors in San Francisco (SF) and Los Angeles (LA).  We screen talent while educating them and their parents on the industry, preparing them for professional career opportunities.
We prepare our talent by improving their acting and modeling skills. We work to develop their confidence and encourage them to reach their fullest potential.
We provide our clients with the opportunities to reach their goals in the entertainment industry by inviting top agencies into our home facility here in Folsom.




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Renee has been in the Entertainment industry for over 35 years. She has connected many children, teens, and adults with new careers in print, commercials, and film.



Rachel has been scouting for more than 25 years. Her eye for talent has brought many new clients and opportunities to Talent Connection.


Talent Scout

Christine has been scouting for over 25 years and been with talent connection since 2003. She's a trained classical singer who has a loving passion for the youth of the world.


Talent Scout

As an actor himself, Sam knows what to look for in new talent. A charming guy who enjoys his work and is passionate about finding new people to introduce to the industry.


Fashion/Promo Director

Experienced in managing runway, print, and all types of modeling.  Jada's been in the Fashion industry since she was 17. 



Awarded "best of the Knot" 2018 &2019, Alex is a well traveled artist with an eye for detail.


Makeup Specialist

10+ years of professional makeup artistry and a licensed Esthetician. An absolutely stylish person who's a wiz with a brush, fixing up people for photo shoots and more.


Technology and Media Specialist

Fay is her name, media and tech is her game. 4+ years of engineering experience and an accomplished digital artist. She's on the job.

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"Renee and her staff are Fabulous. They truly care about the success of their talent. Both of my children have done well with modeling due to their training from Talent Connection."

-Julianne Digiorno-Wadding


What is Talent Connection?

Talent connection is a model and talent training company that specializes in marketing clients to top agencies and casting directors while educating them on the industry.

We train and develop our talent in modeling and acting skills while building their confidence and helping them reach their fullest potential.

Is Talent Connection an agency?

Talent connection is not a talent agency; therefore, we are not required to hold an agency license. We are a talent development company that does not procure employment.

What are you looking for when you hold interviews/auditions?

We look at several factors when making the decision whether or not to accept a potential client. Some of the factors are: personality, temperament, enthusiasm, confidence, and their look (cute or unique). We are looking for that spark that sets them apart from everyone else.

Do you accept everyone?

No, we do not accept everyone who auditions for us. We accept only those we feel are right for the industry. Keep in mind, our purpose is to market clients to top industry professionals and present them with talent that is trained and workable.

What does it cost?

We do not charge a fee to bring talent on board, nor do we take any commissions. The cost involved really depends on what you wan to do. You will need marketing materials (photos, zed cards) so that we can market you to the agents and casting directors. We also provide training classes to improve skills, confidence, and self-esteem. We have many workshops available but they are not required.

If you like my kid enough, will you pay for their training and pictures?

This is a big misconception! Although your child may be cute, no one will pay for your child's marketing materials. It's no different than parents investing in a musical instrument, sports equipment, or uniforms. Keep in mind, this is a business, and agents will only send professional pictures to their clients (Macy's, Pottery Barn, Old Navy, Gap, etc.). Professional "industry standard" photos/zed cards are how your child will get their auditions/jobs and it's an indication that they are serious and professional talent.

Does the training really help?

Yes, he training definitely helps. As in any field, preparation increases your chances of landing a job. It is always encouraged that you find ways to improve your skills. In our workshops we will help you with a wide variety of concepts to assist you and prepare you for a professional setting. Casting directors expect clients to know what to do and how to behave on-set. They do not provide "on-the-job training". We will teach you how to audition, what to expect, and the essentials of professionalism. Training sets you up to succeed!

Does this really work?

Yes, our clients get work! Our clients are consistently signed by agents and casting directors. Our clients can be seen in newspaper ads, magazine covers, catalogs, commercials, and movies! 

Renee and Rachel

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